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The Problems of Homelessness We Reform

This problems is in severe rough draft form and it will be edited in the near future!

There is No Socioeconomic Class / Life Skill Divisions inside the Homeless Shelters: 

* There are no socioeconomic class, or life skill, divisions as in capitalism

* Higher in class people than staff of the homeless shelters are left outside or in the shelters for the rest of their lives and treated like they are beneath or equal to manual laborers, when staff, themselves, naturally are and staff cannot socially analyze that they are talking to all classes that exist within capitalism and not just the bottom

* The shelters don't check that clients lived in the same area in permanent or temporary housing (hotels, family members homes, etc...) before giving them services or products. Thus, people of the wrong socioeconomic class are in wrong areas because of the shelter systems.

* Too many homeless are traumatized by the lack of socioeconomic class separation that they experience for the first time in their lives inside the homeless system. They had never seen people this low in socioeconomic in their lives before these shelters.  

* Too many people refuse to enter the homeless shelters and stay outside street begging, digging in the trash, or screaming so that they don't have to enter the shelters with no socioeconomic class divisions. 

* The lack of socioeconomic class divisions destroys capitalism. Capitalism has already divided people by their socioeconomic class. Current shelters workers and the government do not even know that socioeconomic exists and think that everyone is the same class when they are not. 

* People's bodies are all connected and are equalized to each other. When you place a 'stronger' person with a 'weaker' person, the 'stronger' person become 'weaker' and the 'weaker' person becomes 'stronger', damaging the body of the stronger inappropriately (in all aspects of life.) People's bodies from middle and upper socioeconomic classes are destroyed for the rest of their lives due to the damage of being combined with the lower in socioeconomic class people for the first time in their lives outside of capitalism. This problem is so much more sever in the non-for-profit homeless shelters than inside of capitalism where people are divided out by socioeconomic class in all aspects of life inside each individualized for-profit business. 

* Democrats and Christians do not understand socioeconomic class. Republicans can see it but refuse to assist. Thus, the homeless are getting assisted by Democrats and Christians only. Republicans do not know how to create homeless shelters that are for-profit, because so many are only owners of manual labor companies instead of middle class or upper class companies. 

* Too many people refuse to enter the homeless shelters for this reason

* More...


Recreation Given in the Homeless Shelters is for the Lowest Socioeconomic Class & Lowest Life Skilled Only: 

* Low class recreational activities and materials are given, which are the equivalent of manual laborers quality of activities only. Some examples of the recreational activities given are: coloring of plants and animals, word searches with no complete sentences, card games like solitaire, bingo, scrabble, stepping left and right only for exercise while listening to sex music, etc...)

* The art in art therapy given or produced by staff are plants and animals or for the lowest class people's life problems.

* Government / non-for-profit recreation centers (like libraries) are full of homeless people unassisted out of homelessness.

* The music on the radios are almost always romance songs. There is no individualized radio for each person.

* The T.V. shows and movies are often romance problems or inappropriate T.V. shows or movies for the middle or the upper class. There is not individualized T.V. for each person

* Art tells the truth (Art therapy: haha) of people's natural employment inside the homeless shelters where most of the people are unemployed. And the art of the staff show that the staff are not naturally employed as homeless shelter workers for the adults. Too many people working in the homeless shelters and the clients have and had the wrong employment. 

Waiting Time to Get Assisted out of Homelessness is Too Long: 

* Takes too long to get back employed and housed. Too many stay for the rest of their lives as if it is hell.

* people don't get assisted immediately or even within any timely manner in street outreach.

* places are not open 24/7

* The government is too slow in all its services to the homeless.

* The homeless are not expedited for any assistance program

* No services are immediate or same day service


Current Homeless Shelters are Psychically Dangerous: 

* Psychic attacks & possessions happen between people too severe inside these places. Psychiatric disorders happen from inside the facilities from other people who are harming on purpose.

Current Homeless Shelters are Physically Dangerous: 

* Clients from the bad areas of town are mixed with the clients from the good areas of town for the first time, exposing the clients from the good areas of town to violence for the first time, and that they never have been exposed to inside of capitalism

* Security cameras not used inside or just outside of the shelters

* Metal detectors not used in many day centers

* Too many criminals are inside the shelters harming other people physically in plain view of others and psychically in the view of the other psychics only

* The security guards are terrible, worse than anywhere else you can ever find

The Shelters, Sidewalks & Parks are Too Dangerous for the Homeless: 

* Homeless are left outside to be raped, stolen from, beaten or set on fire, murdered, and completely undefended

* There are no government security cameras on the sidewalks or in the parks

* The police don't do their job. They don't see crime, they wait for someone to report crime.

* There are not enough police or police call boxes.

The Current Homeless Shelters are Destroying the Socioeconomic Value of the Area they are in: 

* by not requiring that the clients have lived, worked / studied, shopped in the area prior to homelessness

* by not checking the socioeconomic class / life skills of the clients themselves or the areas' socioeconimc classes that the that the clients used to live, work/study, shop to see if they match the socioeconomic class /  life skills of the area

that the shelters are in. (Capitalism divides people by socioeconomic class by the areas that they live, work and shop in)

* by allowing people to receive free services in areas where the for-profit price for all products and services is in the area is higher than the price of all products or services in the clients' own previous area. (Capitalism divides people by socioeonomic class by prices.)

Government Stipends are Insufficient: 

* People who have not worked in 6 months in the same state, don't qualify for any government stipends available, other than for healthcare. Thus, too many people are forced to go on healthcare disability pay that are not naturally disabled, especially as the only option to re-enter capitalism, due to faulty policies with government stipends. And sense there are no tests to prove a psychiatric disease, people claim a psychiatric disease to get a stipend to get out of homelessness.

* Not enough stipend programs exist

Government Does Not Walk down Sidewalks & Through the Parks to Find the Homeless:


* People are actually physically dying outside in front of everyone in parks and sidewalks and the government does not come up to them and assist them at all. While others with no visible illness at all stay on a disability check living in peace and comfort by the government pay system. 

* The government does not walk around finding people in parks and sidewalks with horrible diseases unassisted and too diseased to walk anywhere. 

(not just sick people)

The Government Does Not Have its Own Homeless Day & Night Centers: 

* Homelessness is controlled by non-for-profits , especially churches

The Government Does Not Combine all its Life Assistance Departments into One Location:


* DHHS, SSA, DHUD, DOES, I.D.s, etc.. are spaced out in different areas of the city or county, too hard to find or get to. And the government does not provide transportation to any locations...

The Government Does Not have Assistance Programs in Every Area of Large Cities or in Every Small Town: 

The Government Does not Provide Transportation to its Department locations:

* The government does not provide transportation to its different government locations for life assistance in different fields

* The government does not have a transportation system between its government buildings for the unemployed homeless to get from one government building to another for proper assistance in every field (Often, each government department that they need to use to re-enter capitalism is in a different area of the city, miles away from each other.)

* The homeless cannot afford transportation across the city to get assistance in each type of place. (All services are not available in one location.) Only some non-for-profit places assist with transportation cards. 



Too Many Unneeded Free Services are given by the Government instead of Needed Services for the Homeless to Re-enter Capitalism: 

* The government illogically provides free fitness centers, parks, museums, libraries (through grants), roads, etc... which are not needed by anyone and which are available for all people inside capitalism in the for-profit businesses, instead of helping the people with needed services (like housing, food, clothing, hygiene, phone calls, etc…) who are exited from capitalism and can not use any for-profit businesses 

Too Many Homeless Centers Force Psychiatry on Clients in order for Them to Receive Services: 


The University Degrees of Staff in Homeless Shelters are Wrong: 

* Most of the time, psychology, gender studies, sociology majors are hired, assuming that the homeless have psychiatric diseases and social problems, instead of employment agents, lawyers, real estate agents, publishers, and other, more useful careers being hired that are needed. 


All Homelessness are Treated like Manual Laborers or Worse: 

* people are treated like they are manual laborers or worse

* They advertise jobs and job training programs for manual laborers when not everyone is a manual laborer.

* Middle and upper class people in employment are not assisted properly by the shelters

* Employment training classes are only about manual labor and customer service fields of employment

* Policies need to change about who is qualified for an SSI check instead of an SSDI check! For example, the amount of time since last employed should not matter and the state that they worked should not matter.

* Too many people are just unemployed and they are all coming from different of employment background at all socioeconomic class levels of employment, and they need to be treated as such. Homelessness is not the same as poor or poverty. Upper and middle class people go homeless too. 

* Job training programs in homeless centers are for manual labor positions like cooking and farming

The Homeless are Falsely Given Life Skills Classes which are Too Low in Quality:

* people are treated like psychiatric patients or like they have natural life problems related to low life skills

People think that only the Lowest in Class People are Homeless, but every class of people goes & is left homeless: 



The Life Assistance Given is Insufficient: 

* Mostly just food is given and sometimes clothes and hygiene. The government does not perform street outreach. If it is then it id the department of behavioral health bringing a blanket or water.

* Government does not give General stipends (non healthcare related) to the homeless if they went 6 or more months without employment and paying employment taxes. The government ignored other taxes people at and the government ignored the severe problems people go through before they apply for non disability assistance. People are forced to apply for disability pay to get assisted even if they are not disabled in order to reenter capitalism.

* Clothing is not given often enough in the shelters. At some places it is once per week, and at other places, there is no clothing given at all. 

* Many places have no laundry services.

The Government Does not Allow the Homeless to Sleep in Tents: 

* The government will not allow the homeless to sleep in tents while they wait for assistance or for money to be saved up, forcing the homeless to get up and move too often

The Homeless are Mostly Just Given Food: 

* Most homeless day shelters only give food & drinks.

* Most people helping the homeless outside of shelters only give food and drinks, and they think that is all that a person requires while homeless.

* Most street beggars are only given food

* Most people only know how to life assist others by giving them food. They can't think of other ways that pooeple need assistance.

There is No Separation from Religion in Homelessness: 

* It is rare to have separation of religion from services and products, and it is difficult to find a non religious place for assistance.

* The government funds too many religious homeless shelters with grants and not non-religious homeless shelters.

There is No Same-Day Exit out of Homelessness because: 

* There are no jobs with same day pay (except for being a food server for tips or 'under the table' work)

* There is no daily rent for housing (except for hotels, motels, and hostels)

* There is no same day assistance from the government in any of its assistance programs

The Government Does Not Have its Own Doctor's for People Applying for Disability Stipends: 




Interior Design of the Homeless Shelters in Insufficient: 

* Plants and animals are on the walls, sometimes dancers or singers, and never the actual business services of the shelters

* Employment boards on the walls, with job training programs and job positions available, only show manual labor positions and sometimes customer service positions

* The homeless Services are never placed viewably on the walls instead

Reverse Racial Discrimination in Employment of Workers (in Washington, D.C. area)

* All black, African Americans are hired into all the government and some non-for-profit human services  and other free services in Washington D.C. area

Clothing of Females is Too Sexually Harassing: 

* Too many female staff in homeless shelters dress sexually provocative, sexually harassing clients without uni-gender uniforms on.

* The female clothes given by staff to clients in too many shelters are too sexually proactive and sexually harassing for the moral clients to wear. Islamic and normally dressed ladies are forced to wear the wrong clothing for their morals. Many women have to switch into male clothing while homeless in order to wear more appropriate clothing for their own morals, until they get back out of homelessness.

The Homeless People are Treated like Psychiatric Patients: 

* Homeless people are illogically treated as psychiatric patients for no reason known to themselves. Police and hospital staff were trained wrong to think that homeless people are all psychiatric patients when they are not.

The Following Reasons for Homelessness (or Types of Homeless People) are Being Ignored:


* Too many people go homeless because their possessions were stolen by someone. And they are placed in the same system as everyone else, with no specialized shelters for their situation.

* Political Asylees from their own nation, stuck in their own nation, exited from capitalism, and hiding from their own government

* Medical Malpractice Victims

* Stolen possessions, including I.D.s

* Atheists refusing the Churches helping the homeless

The Following Methods of Helping the Homeless are Being Ignored:

* Homeless needing name changes, because they are escaping family or 'friends,' are not properly assisted or given specialized homeless centers. 

* No one is helping the homeless with credit cards

* The government does not walk around in park/sidewalk outreach handing out government re-entry stipend checks for the homeless to re-enter homelessness

* Too many people go homeless because their possessions were stolen by someone. And they are placed in the same system as everyone else, with no specialized shelters for their situation.

* No one is helping the homeless with credit cards

* No one looks for or helps the Political asylum seekers from the same country that they are currently homeless and hiding in and assisting them with political asylum through the United Nations or another organization

* No one is helping the homeless via for-profit methods, the same as in capitalism

* offering Live-in work (jobs living and working in someone's home)

Obtaining New I.D.s & Documents when Homeless is too Difficult: 

* It takes too long to get new I.D.s & Documents that are lost or stolen. (months)

* People must go to the Department of Motor Vehicles for an I.D. instead of their being a Department of I.D.s to go to instead. 

* Too many people are left homeless for too long because their I.D.s are stolen.

The Homeless are not Given Heaters in Winter: 

* The homeless sleeping outside are not given heaters in winter or fans/air conditions in the summer by the people donating supplies.

There are no Individualized Computers with Internet & Phones Available: 

* Individualized T.V.s are not available to clients.

* Computers with internet and word processing software (individualized or not, as in a computer lab) are not sufficiently available to each person 24/7 and need to be so that people can quickly exit homelessness. 

* Individualized phones or a center with many phones available similar to a computer lab are not available to the homeless 24/7. 

Advertisement is Insufficient for Non-for-Profit Homeless Services or Government Assistance Programs is: 

* Homeless shelters are not marketing or advertising their centers in the cities they are located in a way for the homeless to find them and neither are the government departments supposed to be assisting the homeless. 

There is not Enough Information Provided to Get Out of Homelessness: 

* Not enough information for the homeless to get out of homelessness is readily available. It takes too long for a homeless person to learn how to get out of homelessness. Usually, they must meet other homeless people and learn gradually.

Locations of the Homeless Shelters & the Government Departments for Life Assistance are Wrong: 

* There are no homeless shelters near the actual government departments responsible for assisting the homeless.

* There are no government departments assisting the homeless in middle or upper class areas at all in many cities, but in the worst areas of the city only.

* People in homelessness are not divided by the area of the city they went homeless in or the area of the city that they will re-enter capitalism in. 

* The homeless cannot find the location of the non-for-profits or the government departments that assist the homeless in any timely manner. 

* The government departments that assist in homelessness are too spread out around the homeless for the homeless to get to without a source of income. The walk is too strenuous.

The Homeless Don't Have Storage for their Possessions: 

* The homeless often have nowhere to store their possessions that they are trying to keep safe. They keep their possessions on them and cannot move through the city or go inside without loosing all their possessions.

The Questions asked in Questionnaires at the Homeless Shelters are Insufficient: 

Political Asylum Seekers Hiding from their Own Governments, Homeless,  are Not Helped

For-Profit Companies Don't Yet Exist to Help the Homeless:

* For-profit, efficient, companies that charge clients after the services are rendered (employment, lawsuits, credit cards, etc...) are not helping the homeless yet

* No one thinks to help the homeless in a for-profit method, like all the middle class businesses do inside of capitalism for all people still entered into capitalism.

* For-profit companies are not walking on the sidewalks or through the parks finding the homeless to make money from them while helping them more efficiently

Too Many Homeless People Refuse to Enter the Current Homeless Shelters Because: 

* The quality of staff is too low compared to themselves & the people they had as staff inside of capitalism

* The quality of clients that enter are too low compared to themselves & the clients they were around inside of capitalism

* There are too many old, crippled people retired everywhere

* There is no socioeconomic division / life skill divisions inside the shelters

* There are too many people unable to work for the rest of their lives inside them

* They are to dangerous psychically (with voodoo) and visibly on camera, physically, than outdoors. Staying outdoors keeps them from being psychically and physically (visible on camera) attacked. These attacks are coming from the poor people, not the middle or the upper class. 

* There are too many disabled people inside on SSDI checks that won't re-enter capitalism with their government stipends and won't stop taking free services that others need who don't have government stipends & the shelters won't separate those people from the rest with no current income

* Shelters don't required that the clients lived, worked / studied in the same areas in order to receive services at that location. There are too many clients inside that don't belong in the area because their life skills are too low.  

* More...

The Government is not Developed Sufficiently: 

* The government departments responsible for assisting the homeless are not developed sufficiently to assist the homeless.

There is No Requirement for the Homeless to have Lived and Worked/Studied in the same area as they receive assistance: 

* The wrong people with the wrong life skills or socioeconomic class are in the areas because of the homeless shelters

* The value of the area is destroyed because of the people receiving services in non-for-profits when they were not already in the areas' for-profits before the free services

Some Governments are Copying or Networking with the Current Non-for-Profit Homeless Centers: 

* Governments should not copy these non-for-profits but follow better methods based on people's complaints about the current non-for-profits

Police are Inept with the Homeless: 

* The police ignore the homeless or talk only about food or healthcare, especially psychiatry

* The police don't know that there is a government that can help the homeless, and they don't take the victims of homelessness to the government for assistance

*The police were mistrained to think that the homeless are psychiatricallly diseased


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