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We Reform Homelessness
for the:
- Victims of Homelessness
- Betterment of Cities' with Homelessness

The Problems in Homelessness We Reform

This page gives information about the problems of homelessness that we are attempting to fix. 

How We Reform Homelessness 

This page explains the methods we are using in our attempt to reform the homeless system.

Donate to Us

This page has the contact details in order to donate to us.

Our Employees


Creator & Owner:

Melissa Kay Kinder

- She is a U.S.A. Presidential-level, advanced psychological revolutionary and psychological human rights activist, attempting to assist with many major psychological human rights violations, especially ones which the governments and the United Nations are not assisting with properly or not at all, and that non-for-profit and for-profit businesses are not yet assisting with properly or not at all!



- Studies: Psychology / Minor Business Administration & Independent Studies in Advanced Psychology for many years

- Work: (1) creator & owner of various advanced psychology-based businesses, like two political parties, a political consulting company, two development companies, many political and social businesses, and more... (2) writing many advanced psychology-based educational books, some of which are about homelessness reform

Other Employees: 

We will be seeking employees in the future.



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