How We Reform 


We Do the Following:

* Filing of Police reports against facilities, staff, and false complainants causing forced and faulty psychiatry

* Lawsuits against facilities and staff for faulty services and drugs, the government for arrests into forced psychiatry, and the people creating false complaints against people receiving forced and faulty psychiatry (for the victims of psychiatry)

* Creation of new, better facilities through business investment

* Creation of better education programs and schools (for-profit & non-for-profit) for psychology, psychiatry, social science & general healthcare, so higher in class, less faulty people work in the field in the future

* Protests against psychiatry, psychology, and social sciences

* Legislative Bills to fix psychiatry, psychology, and social sciences

* Get Petitions Signed

* Creation of news stories & the contacting of the news stations and newspapers about the faulty psychiatry facilities and the victims of them

* Seek company interviews in the news

* Psychiatric Victim's Assistance in any way possible

* Entering faulty psychiatric facilities as volunteers, finding the victims wanting to leave there by force or just harmed wanting to leave or not to leave, and removing these victims with lawsuits

* Entering faulty psychiatric facilities and teaching better 'psychiatry' than the staff

* Getting people elected to fix all the departments of the government associated with psychiatry

* Business consulting of faulty psychiatric facilities, in an attempt to get them to improve

* More...

What We Have Accomplished So Far: 

We are about to get started.