Psychiatric Reform



"We Reform Psychiatry for the Victims of Psychiatry"

This is a psychology-based non-for-profit organization with the purpose of

(1) raising awareness for the problems of

current psychiatry,

(2) reforming current psychiatry for the

victims of psychiatry,

and to

(3) giving justice to the victims of psychiatry.


Our Company's Services:

Free Information: The Problems of Psychiatry
The Problems in Psychiatry we Reform:

This page gives information that is wrong with psychiatry, especially forced psychiatry.

How We 

This page explains how we are trying to reform psychiatry, for all the victims of it.

Donate to Us:

This page is for you to send donations to our cause.

Our Company's Employees:

Creator & Owner: Melissa Kay Kinder

Her Background:

- She is a U.S.A. Presidential-level (and United Nations-level) advanced psychological revolutionary! 
- She has a Bachelor's in Psychology/Minor in Business Administration & Studied advanced psychology Independently for many years,

- She is a creator & owner of other many U.S.A.-based advanced psychology-based businesses such as: two political parties, an elections business, a political consulting business, two development businesses, many political and social businesses, and more...

Other Employees: 

This organization is will soon be seeking other employees.