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The Problems of Education

This page is severely in rough draft form and will be edited in the near future!


* Removal and replacement of all literature with adultery, murder, rape, suicide, poverty, etc... as the plot. Students are currently being given inappropriate reading of crime, immorality, and poverty.



* Usually schools do not have uniforms, and when they do have uniforms, the girls/women wear fashion which in unequal and lower in life skills than men. Schools need uniforms on students that are uni-gender (the same for boys/men and girls/women) so that there is no sexual harassment by the girls/women and so that there is no biological inequality in fashion with girls/women dressing with lower life skills than the boys/men. For example, no skirts (especially short ones) or high heeled shoes should be allowed.

* Usually, teachers do not have uniforms, and when they do have uniforms, the women wear uniforms which are unequal and lower in life skills than men. Teachers need uni-gender uniforms for the same reason as above. 

Sexual Procreation Issues: 

* Most schools do not prevent or monitor the sexual dating of their students. Schools should have rules that students are not allowed to sexually date each other.

Male-Female Separation: 

* Most schools don't have any male-female separation. Male-female separation needs to be an option for students. 

Fitness Classes: 

* Most schools teach an inferior level of fitness like ball sports of baseball, football, soccer, kickball, dodge ball, volley ball, tennis, etc...; push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups; and running in a circle. Fitness classes need to be more practical in life and include functional/practical fitness like parkour, defense, and other important/basic/real life movements like lying down and getting back up off the ground. 

Communications/English Classes: 

Most schools do not teach students to have conversations (verbal communication) in classes. They also don't give conversation class time for students to practice verbal communication skills in each class. Basic conversation skills needs to be taught and practiced, and conversation skills in each field of school need to be taught and practiced.

* Psychic communication skills are not taught at all in schools and completely ignored in the curriculum. These need to be taught.

* More focus on business-related English (English of Workplaces) is needed, for example conversations between co-workers, employees and their manager, and all workers with clients.  

Cafeteria Issues: 

* Students from every socioeconomic class, for every future employment, of every political party, and of every life style there is are placed in the same cafeteria. These are not the same students that share classrooms together. Students are so confused about this cafeteria. There are so many movies displaying these problems as jocks, nerds, geeks, preps, etc... Schools need to this problem by purposely dividing the students in a way that makes more sense to the students and give the tables names like: nurses, sports players, politicians, etc... (by future natural employment divisions, at least).

Mathematics Classes Issues: 

* Too much mathematics that is not useful in life to a non-engineer is taught. This mathematics not useful to anyone's life other people with specific occupations needs to not be taught in schools to the people who will not become these occupations requiring this math. Mathematics not used in everyone's daily life needs to not be taught at all to anyone other than people specialized to work in careers that require that type of mathematics. 

Practicality of the Classroom Subjects: 

* Too many school subjects are impractical to life. These need to stop being taught. 

Political Party Issues: 

* Students are not divided by political parties in schools, and students with too varying of levels of morality (or differing legal systems) are placed together. This needs to end. Students should be placed with students in their own political parties or with students with their own morality or legal system. 

Socioeconomic Class / Life Skill Issues: 

* Students are not always matched properly in the classrooms, and especially the common areas like the cafeteria, with other students of their same socioeconomic/life skill class. Life skills include: nutrition, fitness, communication skills, recreational activities, arts & entertainment preferences, etc...

* Students & teachers are not always matching in their life skills. It is not fair especially for a student of a higher socioeconomic class/life skill level to be given a teacher with a lower socioeconomic class/life skill level instead of an equal one. Students and teachers should be better matched with their life skills.

Future Employment Issues: 

* Future employment questionnaires are not given to students every semesters or even every year in order to assess students natural current or future careers. Future employment questionnaires should be given to students often to assure that they are studying the correct career field of classes and so that they have the correct classmates and friends in school. 

* Cafeterias don't divide the students by their natural future or current co-workers so students can be the most comfortable. Cafeterias should do this for the benefit of the students. 

Current Employment: 

* Students are not told what their current natural employment is (without their future degree). In other words, they are not told where they should work now, naturally, while they are still earning their degree and are technically not qualified to work in the career they intend to have in the future once their degree is finished. Students should be allowed to work for money. All students can naturally work, especially if they are spending so much time a day studying or playing. Their current natural employment should be assessed by the schools, the employment that they can have in the current system. 

Friendship Matching:

* Students are not assisted enough with friendship matching. Schools should do this at least every semester. 

Testing for University:

* These tests should not be based on mathematics, advanced English, or illogical problem solving, but based on people skills, computer skills, and work-related skills in the particular field the student is applying to study for in university.  

Separation from Religion: 


* The pledge of allegiance over the loud speaker and spoken in the classrooms in public grade schools still has the word  'God' in it.


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