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The Problems of Education

This page explains what is wrong with government education.

Our Methods of Education Reform

This page explains our methods of reform.

Our Employees
Creator & Owner: Melissa Kay Kinder
Her Background:
- She is a U.S.A. presidential-level and United Nations-level, advanced psychological revolutionary and psychological human rights activist, trying to assist with psychological human rights violations, especially ones which the governments and the United Nations are not assisting with and are even ignoring, and ones that non-for-profit and for-profit businesses have not yet been created to assist with.
- She has a Bachelor's in Psychology/Minor in Business Administration with many years of independent studies in advanced psychology.

- She is a creator of many US.A. advanced psychology-based work projects, including businesses such as: two political parties, a political consulting company, and two development companies, and many political and social businesses.
- She is writing many advanced psychology-based educational books, including ones about education reform.

Other Employees: 
We will be looking for employees in the future.

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